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Notable accounts on Mastodon

The first and only directory of notable Mastodon accounts that is comprised entirely of individually-confirmed profiles, and grounded in manually-validated information- no guesswork, just facts.

Includes 700+ Mastodon accounts hosted on servers that are not affiliated with the Fedified project

About Fedified

Fedified is a public service project grounded in the belief that the future of democracy depends on our collective ability to protect the integrity of online discourse.

Fedified was the first to publish a curated directory of notable Mastodon accounts. With few exceptions, the information in the directory has been furnished by the respective individual/organization, or their authorized representative. Such exceptions are limited to public-interest accounts that were Twitter-verified prior to November 5, 2022 but only if they have tweeted about their Mastodon account address or have otherwise made their Mastodon account address public. Without exception, the evidence that links a notable Twitter account to a fedified Mastodon account is reviewed for accuracy by a human person. To the extent that privacy and security considerations allow, the proof of our work is publicly available and accessible through the directory itself.

Fedified provides technical support to notable individuals and organizations seeking to engage their audience via Mastodon.

About Fedified